Annual Membership Celebration and Opening Reception for In The Pink: June 7, 5-7 pm

We’re Feeling “In The Pink”

“In the pink” is an expression that describes a state of good health, well-being, or a positive financial position and signifies that there is a reason to be optimistic. We find this to be a prefect theme for our annual message.

We are celebrating the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center’s 26 years of longevity and growth, both in our adult and youth programs. We have managed this with: a wonderful, yet small, staff; a large group of hardworking volunteers; and the continued financial support from individuals, organizations, grants, and income from classes and exhibits.
This year we are voting to reinstate two of our current Board members. You may cast your vote either at the meeting or online. We are also looking to fill some seats on the Board. If you are interested, talk to one of the current board members or asked to be invited to a Board of Directors meeting. They are held the second Monday evening of each month via Zoom.

SCMAC continues to play a significant role in the life of our community. Our growth since the pandemic has been amazing. We have more than doubled the classes we offered prior to 2020. In 2019 we offered 55 classes, in 2023 it was 132 classes. These include drawing, painting, sewing, jewelry making, and of course many different ceramic classes. Our classes are offered to adults and youth. We have provided employment for up to twelve community members to teach these classes. Our membership has grown steadily over the past 10 years, from 108 to 151 paying members.

Our gallery exhibit participation has also seen growth since the pandemic. We curated six exhibits in 2023, with a total participation of 278. Included was our 23rd annual youth art exhibit, Spring Into Art, which holds the record for most participants at 104. Lee Dean has curated this show for the past 10 years. It highlights the creative imagination and skills of young artists. The reception for this show brings together generations of artists in our community who are parents and grandparents of these young artists. This includes the Lanctots of Art Services who have helped for years with framing and materials. We also hosted a show featuring our students’ artwork; one centered solely on ceramics and fiber art; and our annual holiday gift show.
Community outreach is one of our key goals. Here are a few of the many ways we stay connected with our community:

  • Working with both San Lorenzo Valley and Scotts Valley School Districts with our Art After School program
  • Participating in the San Lorenzo Valley Non-Profit Roundtable’s monthly meeting
  • Hosting free events like First Friday, exhibit receptions, sidewalk sales, and Ceram-A-Rama
  • Collaborating with GRO Community, a nonprofit organization that raises money to pay for children to participate in local art programs
  • Partnering with a Wild Roots Community Day where funds go toward youth art scholarships
  • Benefiting from the Valley Women’s Club, which has donated funds for youth art supplies and provides general support via the Redwood Mountain Faire
  • Joining in the Ben Lomond Village Alliance

This year the Board has taking a deeper dive in to our finances. Frank Bauerle, our Board Treasurer, established a finance committee to meet regularly to analyze our income sources as well as our staffing, facility, and organizational expenses. While class income has more than doubled, employment costs are taking a bigger cut than in the past. Not to mention the hugely increased insurance and supply costs for our area. Financially SCMAC has a prudent reserve for major adverse events. However there are major improvements such as our front sidewalk, and roof repairs in the ceramic area, that we will need to budget funds to fix. 
We are fortunate to have a small part-time staff. Our office manager, Gretchen McPherson, wears many hats, including helping to produce our wonderful monthly newsletter. Sarah Orre, our Education Director, also receives an hourly salary for setting up the Art After School program with the school districts and organizing our other youth art classes. The grant for the social media coordinator, Rae Rodriquez, has run out of funds. We would very much like Rae to continue in that position. The Finance Committee is digging deep to try to help that happen.

There is always work to be done at the SCMAC and this is where our wonderful volunteers come in. Your Board of Directors is a working board, many with specific volunteer roles. You can find them, along with our other dedicated volunteers, doing many jobs around the Art Center – emptying trash, cleaning shelves, sweeping floors, greeting visitors, searching for grants, hunting for insurance providers, and much, much more. The gallery exhibits and sidewalk sales would not happen without our volunteer Curatorial Crew – including Johanna, Sunny, Bela, Judy, Bari, Tina, Merry and Dyann. Our yard and ceramic area are kept in shape by a large group of volunteers including Noelle, David, Margaret, Kathy, Paula, Carl, Kathryn, Anika and Chris. Marketing is done by Chris with social media help from Rae, Linda and Sarah. 

Thanks to all our members, volunteers, teachers, and staff who make the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center possible!

Thank you all so much,
Susan Archibald

Board Chair, Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center