picture of Susan Archibald

Susan Archibald

Current Board Member / Board of Directors Chair

Role: As the Board Chair, my administrative duties include helping set the the Board’s monthly agenda, meeting weekly with our Office Manager, helping with class organization and overseeing events. I also attend monthly and quarterly meetings with other organizations. As a member of the Curatorial committee, I help install the gallery shows, plan and participate in receptions, and work with our volunteer docents.

Relevant experience: My interested in art started as a child. I was given art supplies and enjoyed taking art lessons. As an adult, I worked as a Country Social Worker for forty years. I held the positions of worker, supervisor, and program manger. I interacted with a variety of people including co-workers, other professionals, and clients. During my career I also sat on two boards dealing with issues related to child welfare. Upon my retirement, I began taking painting classes. When the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center opened it’s doors in my neighborhood, I became involved. I like that the Art Center is so focused on serving people in these small mountain towns, where I have lived for thirty years. I greatly enjoy meeting and working with people in our local schools, business and nonprofits.

picture of Frank Bauerle

Frank Bäuerle

Current Board Member / Treasurer

Role: Frank has been the treasurer and a Board Member at the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center since February 2019.

Relevant experience: Frank Bäuerle was born and raised in southern Germany. He did his undergraduate work in Mathematics and Computer Science at the Technische Hochschule in Karlsruhe, Germany, after which he received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from The University of California at San Diego.  He has been a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics at UC Santa Cruz since 1994. He is married and has two adult children. He likes to travel, hike, and plays darts for recreation.

picture of Chris Finnie

Chris Finnie

Current Board Member / Ceramic Department Coordinator

Role: I teach beginning wheel throwing and serve as part of the steering committee for the ceramics department. In between, I’ve done everything from mixing glazes to recycling clay. From painting shelves in the wheel room to fixing wheels. From using my professional skills as a marketing copywriter to publicize events at the art center to using my sales skills at sidewalk sales. Since we’re a mostly volunteer organization, we all contribute to make it run.

Relevant experience: I bought a pottery studio in Los Angeles 50 years ago.
I found a new ceramics home when I started teaching wheel throwing again at the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center. Over the years since then, I’ve gotten more involved as a volunteer, finally being elected to the board some years ago.

picture of David Kurtz

David Kurtz

Current Board Member / Ceramic Department Coordinator

Role: Member of the Ceramics (co-chair), IT, Marketing and Facilities committees. Typical activities in Ceramics include maintaining the equipment, obtaining supplies, mixing glazes, supporting the instructors, and various other duties. With IT and Marketing, I participate in meetings, make suggestions, perform computer admin duties, and purchase computers and related materials. My facilities responsibilities include all aspects of maintaining the facility inside and out. I have been on the Board since 2015.

Relevant experience: As a software quality assurance engineer at Apple Inc., Caire Corporation and other companies, I was involved in the creation of computer software and hardware products. My main duties involved assuring the quality of the application software, making sure it was ready for public release, and interacting with customers to make sure any software issues got resolved.

picture of Noelle Lightbourne

Noëlle Lightbourne

Current Board Member / Ceramic Department Coordinator

Role: After my internship and assisting in ceramics at our center I stepped into the volunteer position of managing the department with my partner and co-chair David Kurtz. We see that various duties in our studio are given to volunteers to make sure our ceramic department is run safely and efficiently. I have been on the Board since 2016.

Relevant experience: Coming from a diverse background including Montessori Preschool teaching to Women Spirit event coordinator, I have always enjoyed working with people. This served me well in my 35 years as a massage therapist.

picture of Johanna McCormick

Johanna McCormick

Current Board Member / Curatorial Chair, Graphics & Web Design

Role: My role at the SCMAC has recently changed from marketing to become the Curatorial Chair. I am in charge of the exhibits in the Thomas Gallery and lead the Curatorial Crew in all aspects of presenting the exhibits — from yearly selection of themes and gallery maintenance to submissions and hanging the shows. I also design the graphics and all collateral material for the exhibits. I have been a Board member since 2014.

Relevant experience: Owner of McCormick Design, a commercial graphic design firm, for almost 40 years. Specialized in the horticulture industry, also worked extensively with non-profits and the hotel/travel industry. Performed all design tasks from client contact, job initiation and vendor supervision through completed products.