For those of you who like to plan ahead, here are our gallery shows. More information will be available one month prior to each show.

2024 Exhibit ScheduleOnline Entry Deadline / Take InExhibit Dates 
Teachers’ Talent
Featuring the work of our instructors / by invitation only
January 11 / January 14January 18 – February 11
The Line: Exploring line in our art
Annual judged exhibit / open invitational
February 15 / February 18February 22 – April 6
2024 Spring Into Art
Youth art exhibit / open to ages 1 – 20
no online entry / April 14 April 18 – May 25
In the Pink
A color themed exhibit / members only
May 30 / June 2June 6 – July 20
Featured Artist: Susan GlinerAugust 1 – August 25
Inside/Outside: Looking in, looking out
Art featuring openings / open invitational
Aug 29 / September 1September 5 – October 19
Celebrate the Season
Holiday show / open invitational
October 24 / October 27October 31 – December 23

2024 Exhibit Themes

Teacher’ Talent
The very first exhibit in 2024 will celebrate the talented instructors who teach at the Art Center. You may have taken classes with some of them in the past, or currently, and wondered what their body of work includes. This one-month long show will tell the tale of our talented teachers! Entry is by invitation only.

The Line: Exploring line in our art
Line is the most basic visual element. Lines can be used to define shapes and figures, and also to indicate feelings and emotion. A line may be two-or three-dimensional, descriptive, implied, or abstract. Lines are used to create an illusion, describe a pattern, set a mood, provide visual texture, indicate movement, and define shapes. We invite you to send entries for this exhibit that show your personal engagement and connection with the line, in any medium of your choice.

Spring into Art: Our 25th Annual Youth Exhibit
Attention young artists! Now’s your chance to share your artwork with the community. Anyone under the age of 21 is invited to submit artwork in any medium.

In the Pink: A celebration of the color Pink 
Pink has always been a spectacular contradiction. It can make us think of both innocence and burning passion. Pink is the color of universal love of oneself and of others. It represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, compassion, nurturing and approachability. Pink has had an evolving presence in human culture, from an Asian symbol of the slain samurai and a sign of trustworthiness, to a status symbol of the Eighteenth-century European bourgeoisie, to its 20th century interpretation of harmlessness, innocence, and cuteness. Today, pink is often the color of awareness and activism for specific causes, including breast cancer, women’s rights and the LGBTQ community. So where do you stand on Pink? Sweet and innocent, bright and lively or bold and bawdy? Let us see how you use the color pink in your art.

Inside/Outside: Looking in, looking out
Doors, windows, gates, archways – light or dark, open or closed — openings in art can serve as a metaphor for hope, change, exploration, a step into the unknown or the possibility of freedom. As the bridge between the interior and the exterior, they let in elements from the outside as well as expose what is on the inside. Portals in art can also represent welcome, invitation, or encouragement, as well as new beginnings, challenges, or opportunities. You are invited to submit your 2D and 3D artwork that speaks to this theme.

Celebrate the Season
It’s that time of year again… when the air gets crisp, the leaves start to fall and we gather with family and friends to celebrate and give thanks for all we have. For this show we’d like you to submit art that reflects this special time of year. Autumn leaves, a cozy fire, a wintry scene, a warm scarf, a loved one’s hug, a mug of cocoa, Christmas magic.

Exhibitor Resources

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