In The Pink: Members-Only Color Themed Exhibit


Exhibit Dates: June 6 – July 20 2024
Regular Gallery Hours: Thursday – Sunday  I  12 – 5 pm

Related Events for this exhibit:

Opening Reception and Membership Celebration: Friday, June 7  I  5 – 8 pm
First Friday Open House: Friday, July 5  I  5 – 7 pm

Pink has always been a spectacular contradiction. It can make us think of both innocence and burning passion. Pink is the color of universal love — of oneself and of others. It represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, compassion, nurturing and approachability. Pink has had an evolving presence in human culture, from an Asian symbol of the slain samurai and a sign of trustworthiness, to a status symbol of the Eighteenth-century European bourgeoisie, to its 20th century interpretation of harmlessness, innocence, and cuteness. Today, pink is often the color of awareness and activism for specific causes, including breast cancer, women’s rights and the LGBTQ community.


Alisan Andrews
Bari Lee*
Barbara Chambers
Bela Ravikumar
Carole Reid*
Carolyn Fitz*
Dan Hennig*
Dawn McGinty*
Denise Morgan*
Diana Robertson*
Diane Lemasters*
Dyann Paynovich*
Hayley Brentmar
Gail McClelland*

Joanne Clark
Johanna McCormick
Kathryn Pierno*
Laurie and Dan Hennig
Lee Dean*
Marcia Williams
Margaret Morrison*
Noëlle Lightbourne
Sarah Orre
Rain Swank-Oliveira*
Tiina Seppalainen
Tina Masciocchi
Wendy Laird

*Artist’s work exhibited in the gallery only

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