Polices have been created by the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center in order to conduct business.

Policy list

Due to necessary updates, some policy files are unavailable. For questions, please email the Art Center at info@mountainartcenter.org  or call our office at (831) 336-3513 .

General Use Policies:

  1. Ceramics Facility Policy
  2. Community Use Policy
    2.1 Facility Community Use Request & Agreement
  3. Sexual Harassment Policy
    3.1 Federal & State law on Sexual Harassment
  4. Safety & Security Policy
    4.1 Volunteer Waiver

Board Policies:

  1. Conflict of Interest Policy (for Board members)
  2. Goal Setting Policy, Non-discrimination Policy, Sales Policy

Committee Policies:

  1. Curatorial Committee Policy
    7.1 Sales Policy
  2. Education Committee Policy
    8.1 Scholarships Policy
    8.2 Registration Policies
  1. Events Committee Policy
  2. Fundraising Committee Policy
  3. Information Technology Committee Policy