Ceramics & Youth Art

As I observe our world, I’m always searching for ways to better express and promote the changes I would like to see.  Fulfillment, for me, is brought about with expression that comes across clearly.  I’m forever struggling for clearer expression.  Focus changes like the seasons.  Changes forever need focus.  I hope for a world with greater sensitivity of everyone’s needs and tolerance of differences. We need, as a species, to evolve in order to take care of our planet and its inhabitants.  Embracing our needs to recognize what we have and further preserve our world’s treasures is the message of love I hope to bring about.

My studio is in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Boulder Creek.  It’s nested in the redwoods and next to the San Lorenzo River.  I came to this area in 1990 to go to school at UCSC and studied Environmental Studies, only to be seduced into a different kind of expression: CLAY. Teaching is another way of fulfilling the needs of others who discover the same need to express themselves.  Why not use art?  It’s been proven to show greater success in individuals who have this outlet of expression.  Some of us don’t feel successful with out it.  Others simply function better with it.  There needs to be more avenues of expression for all of us.  Art is no exception.  Without it our community is more confused and frustrated.  Teach them how, give the means, and let it roll!

I’ve been teaching in the community for over 15 years in the local schools and at the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center.  My personal favorite medium is clay, but I teach in a variety of other mediums as well, such as: collage, book-making, painting clothes, assemblage and paper arts. I’ve always felt the youth to be very important members of our community.  They are our future!  Invest in them and we all win.  When the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center first came to this physical location, I was on the Curatorial Committee and started the Annual Youth Art Show that is now “Spring Into Art” and has now had it’s 17th show!  I am so very proud of the talents of our young artists and feel much obliged to promote them in our community.  It’s so fun and healthy to be creative!