Elaine Pinkernell

Elaine Pinkernell has been a studio potter for over 25 years and has taught classes and workshops since 1989. She creates fine art for the wall and funky functional ware all from that amazingly versatile medium, clay. She is passionate about teaching and says it “provides the endless give and take of creativity that […]

Natosha Wengreen

A musician, visual artist and teacher, Natosha Wengreen joined the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center in April 2015. A graduate in Cultural Anthropology from California State University, Sacramento, Natosha is the Art Center’s new Youth Art Education Coordinator and youth art teacher. Before joining the Art Center, Natosha was an administration assistant intern for […]

Laurel Grace Wanner

Laurel Grace has been playing in clay for a long time. She is skilled as a thrower and handbuilder. Her work is varied: functional pottery, decorative urns, garden sculpture and figurative vases are some of the clay styles she is comfortable working in. Encouraging confidence and competence is her goal with her students.

Mary Tartaro

Mary Tartaro hails from New York and holds a BFA in Drawing and Painting from the State University of NY and an MFA in Sculpture (Spatial Arts) from San Jose State University. She has taught at the university level for over 15 years and has conducted numerous workshops in various media. She has years […]

Al Luckow

Alan has been involved with life figure drawing since the late 1980s in art school. His skill set runs the gamut from fine art to full corporate design, such as print, package, ID and UI/UX.

A veteran of the dot com era, Al has held every conceivable job in the creative chain required for the […]

Diedra Kmetovic

Diedra Kmetovic started working with beads almost forty years ago when her grandmother gave her a box of beads. She is largely self-taught, from personal experimentation, books, and magazines.

Lori Wilson

Lori Wilson Holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Visual and Public Art from Cal State University Monterey Bay. She has been teaching art to elementary students since 2003. She is a resident art teacher for Scotts Valley Unified School District as well as the Santa Cruz City School District, and the Soquel Union School District. […]

Amanda West

Amanda West is a singer-songwriter, recording artist, music teacher and mother.

A native of California, Amanda grew up singing around campfires and began her career as a performing singer-songwriter when she was a teen. Through her studies and travels she has come to understand music to be a part of our universal human birthright, playing […]

Jon Wagman

Small Artist at Large

Seeking to create art which transcends time and culture, I will my evolution from single-celled illustrator to proto-simian fine artist, leaving behind the comfort zone of my past art toward something more evocative and powerful; in essence, I drag my primal self from the viscous primordial goo of image and representation […]

Nora Sarkissian

“I enjoy pushing the boundaries of the clay medium; I use the techniques of studio pottery to convey the philosophies of subconscious imagery and stream of consciousness prose to push ceramics out of its traditional utilitarian realm.
C.G. Jung referred to subconscious imagery as “prima material” ; this idea is central to my work. The […]