Linda Levy

Inspired by local landscapes and life drawings, most of my current work is painted using a computer program Painter © Corel, as my artist’s media / tool to produce final, one-of-a-kind archival fine art images. I’ve worked in clay for over 40 years, and produce both functional pottery and figurative sculpture.

In the past years, […]

Anouk Johanna

Anouk Johanna is an accomplished pen and ink artist, painter, ceramic sculptor and printmaker as well as a jewelry designer and scrimshaw artist whose work has been sold nationally and internationally for more than 30 years to private collectors through shows and her website as well as through galleries. Her scrimshaw art has been […]

Jennifer Hennig

Ceramics & Youth Art

As I observe our world, I’m always searching for ways to better express and promote the changes I would like to see.  Fulfillment, for me, is brought about with expression that comes across clearly.  I’m forever struggling for clearer expression.  Focus changes like the seasons.  Changes forever need focus.  I hope […]

Lynn Guenther

Each class is designed to educate and inspire by combining nature exploration and the arts, nurturing respect for and understanding of the local environment. Classes are interwoven with natural and cultural history and help students to develop a sense of belonging to a particular place and helps teachers integrate art and poetry into core […]

Julie Erreca

Figure Drawing

G. Michael English

I paint in order to witness the light in some of the most interesting places I can find. I find I am closer to the actual living of my life and the people in it through the Plein Aire Experience. I paint because it is a visual problem solving process requiring an idea that […]

Danny Croft

Since becoming an Online Business Coach, I have consulted hundreds of friends, students and private clients on the best methods to using design software, setting up their internet business and running online auctions.
I also help local businesses with their marketing promotions and managing their online presence and social networking.
My experiences with other art media […]

Brenda Berg

TEACHING ADULTS: Brenda Berg is a Boulder Creek, California-based visual artist and teacher. Berg’s art making process involves manipulating paint, surface, and sometimes the viewer through modes of covert surveillance. Berg’s recent honors and awards include the 2008 Carol Anika Mihalik Memorial Fund Grant for new media, 2006-07 Santa Cruz County Community Foundation’s Rydell […]

Dale Bates

Mr. Bates was born in Cincinnati Ohio in 1935.
1958 – B.A. in commercial art
1959 – 1961 United States Air Force
1964 – Master’s in ceramics at Tulsa University.
1965 -1967 Director of exhibitions and education at Spiva ArtsCenter in Joplin Missouri
1967 – Art Instructor Missouri Southern.
1993 – Symposium in Russia and introduced the Raku process to […]