Textured Garden: Spring Exhibit featuring Mixed Media

Tina Masciocchi, Poppy’s Garden

Exhibit Dates: April 20 – July 16

Mixed media is like the many layers of a garden where colors, textures and shapes come together to express a lively organization of placement.
Come in and enjoy our garden of creativity!

Participating Artists

Lisa Alexander
Alisan Andrews
Jody Bare
Carla Brennan
Brunella Deeds
Rinley Deeds
Fillmore Denton
Julie Erreca
Laurel Grace
Dan Hennig
Iver Hennig
Jennifer Hennig
Laurie Hennig
Judy Hobor
Fredrick Jay
Carolyn Lee
Linda Levy
Noelle Lightbourne
Tina Masciocchi
Janice Matthews
Johanna McCormick
Dyann Paynovich
Dee Anne Purchase
Sanda Spiegel
Jeff Stobbe
Larry Worley
Pat Worley