Season’s Splendor: Our Holiday Gift Show

Exhibit Dates: October 26 – December 23, 2016

Take a spectacular journey through this season’s splendor. It’s in the golden jewels of a necklace, a lush green landscape, or a vibrant red scarf. Come by and celebrate the creations our local artists have to offer at this magical time of year.

Participating Artists

Stephanie Aguilar
Alisan Andrews
Jody Bare
Terri Basile
Mary Comfort
Linda Curtis
Brunella Deeds
Rinley Deeds
Fillmore Denton
Laurel Grace
Dan Hennig
Iver Hennig
Jennifer Hennig
Laurie Hennig
Judy Hobor
Sunny Johansson
Bob Hughes
Wendy Laird
Linda Levy
Debbie Manning
Tina Masciocchi
Johanna McCormick
Margaret Morrison
Dyann Paynovich
Crystal Pearl Piper
Paula Prekowitz
Dee Anne Purchase
Bela Ravikumar
Carol Riddle
Sandy Rintoul
Yvonne Rowe
Sanda Spiegel
Lisa Undercoffler
Pat Worley
April Zilber