Re-Create Exhibit


EXHIBIT DATES: May 5 – July 9, 2022

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…

…Re-purpose, redesign, reapply. All these terms can be used to describe the Recycled, or Up-cycled, Art movement. It is a way to turn trash into treasure – in more ways than one. Not only can artists create stunning artwork for the viewer to enjoy, but in doing so, they can also make a statement about excessive consumption and environmental pollution. For this exhibit, we challenged artists to explore the possibilities found in using discarded objects or materials to express themselves creatively.


Alisan Andrews*
Karen Asherah*
Kathleen Ball*
Petrina Burkard
Ruth Dailey*
Dan Hennig*
Laurie Hennig
Wendy Laird
Linda Levy
Tina Masciocchi
Janice Mathews*
Johanna McCormick

Margaret Morrison*
Karen Oeh
Sarah Orre*
Dyann Paynovich*
Kathryn Pierno*
Bela Ravikumar
Ann Scobie
Sanda Jo Spiegel
Rain Swank-Greenslate
T. Mike Walker*
Susan Gliner*
Jo Washburn*

*Artist’s work exhibited in the gallery only

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