Public Relations/Marketing Manager

Job Description: We are seeking a media relations and marketing manager to play an integral role in public/media relations, and content creation for our organization. Responsibilities: Connect with influential media outlets and journalists to place stories about organization news. Assist with event planning, including working with vendors and event coordinators. Collaborate with department heads to craft and [...]

Public Relations/Marketing Manager2016-04-26T23:54:36-07:00

Email Marketing Manager

Job Description: Do you have a knack for getting the right emails into the right inboxes at the right times? Do you live to see those open and clickthrough rates climb higher and higher? We're seeking an expert email marketer to join our team. You'll be expected to develop and track email campaigns to ultimately [...]

Email Marketing Manager2016-04-26T23:54:07-07:00

Blog Manager

Job Description: We are seeking a savvy wordsmith to join our team. Candidate must have a knack and love for writing, a comprehensive understanding of the arts, and experience in blogging to achieve business goals. The blogger will be expected to sustain and develop the organization's voice across all blog content. Responsibilities: Writing various types of articles [...]

Blog Manager2016-04-26T23:53:23-07:00

Social Media Manager

Job Description: Do you tweet, share, and post to social media in your sleep? Do you know what it takes to grow an online community? We're looking for a social media manager to manage our social media accounts by implementing strategies and tactics that grow our followers, engage and retain them, and help convert them into [...]

Social Media Manager2016-04-26T23:52:29-07:00


REPORT TO Volunteer Coordinator DUTIES Keep Gallery open.  Greet visitors.  Answer questions.  Make sales in Gallery & Gift shop. Clean areas as needed.  Close gallery at 6 p.m. LENGTH OF COMMITMENT 1 day (3 hr time slot)/month SCHEDULE 3 Hrs time slots:  noon – 3,  3 – 6 pm SKILLS Comfortable talking with people; answer [...]


Curatorial Assistant

REPORT TO Curatorial Committee Chair DUTIES -       Arrange for consultation and delivery of art from local artists. -       Catalogue art from local artists (log book). -       Maintain inventory lists (log book). -       Submit Payment request monthly for artists' sales/commissions to be paid. -       Help arrange art in a pleasant display. LENGTH OF COMMITMENT Minimum 3 [...]

Curatorial Assistant2016-04-26T23:56:56-07:00

Volunteer Coordinator

REPORT TO Curatorial Chair, Exhibit Curator, Events Chair, Board of Directors DUTIES Organize list of volunteers, help coordinate Docent Schedule, monthly mailings, special events LENGTH OF COMMITMENT 2 days/month: exhibit take-ins, mailings (around 20th of month) SCHEDULE Monthly: 4 – 6 hrs, special events:  5 hrs/event SKILLS Comfortable talking with people, asking them to volunteer, [...]

Volunteer Coordinator2015-12-15T18:29:05-08:00

Docent Coordinator

REPORT TO Curatorial Chair, Exhibit Curator DUTIES Organize list of Docents, keep Docent Schedule, call docents with reminders LENGTH OF COMMITMENT 1 Year (with month off when needed) SCHEDULE 5 days/week call docents/reminders;  monthly exhibit take-in (sign up docents) SKILLS Comfortable talking with people, asking them to volunteer, and problem solving KNOWLEDGE Docent Information Book [...]

Docent Coordinator2015-12-15T19:04:37-08:00


REPORT TO Publicity Chair, Education Chair, Events Chair DUTIES Collect and disseminate Art Center Information, press releases, LENGTH OF COMMITMENT Minimum 1 year SCHEDULE Weekly, Monday morning PRs, on-line entries for various media SKILLS E-mail, FAX, graphic design, communication skills KNOWLEDGE Word processing, editing TRAINING PROVIDED Current templates provided BENEFITS Get to know what is [...]


Grants Writer

REPORT TO Board of Directors DUTIES Research grant funding possibilities, coordinate with Board on grant content, respond to grant deadlines, write grant reports on completed grant activities. LENGTH OF COMMITMENT Minimum 1 year SCHEDULE Depends on Grant Cycle: mostly Sept & October, 80 hrs + SKILLS On-line research; Organizational skills, Response to RFPs (requests for [...]

Grants Writer2015-12-15T19:05:18-08:00
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