EXHIBIT DATES: February 2 – March 18, 2023
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, February 3 I 5 – 7 pm

Our Annual Judged Exhibit

No matter where artists find themselves, they are constantly affected, influenced and inspired by the physical world around them. It could be at the beach, in a high-rise city, or out in the wilderness. And what artists see before them, will often become the subject of their art. For this first exhibit of 2023, we present art that is inspired by the artists’ view of the physical world.


BEST OF SHOW: Salt Scape by Wendy Maness
SECOND PLACE: Balance by Tina Maschiocchi
HONORABLE MENTION: Magenta Morning by Michael Singer
HONORABLE MENTION: Winter Across the Pond by Ann Scobie

Judged by Robert Blitzer, owner of R. Blitzer Gallery, Santa Cruz


Alisan Andrews
Allison Orr*
Ann Scobie
Barbara Chambers
Barbara Thomas
Bari Lee*
Bela Ravikumar*
Bluzar Blue*
Dyann Paynovich*
Joanne Clark
Johanna McCormick
Judy Person*
Julia Huff*
Karen Asherah*
Kathryn Pierno*
Lee Dean*
Linda Levy
Marcia Williams

Margaret Morrison
Mariana Timmer
Martine Mahoudeau
Michael Singer
Nancy Dingman*
Noëlle Lightborne*
Rae Rodriqez*
Robin Lysne
Ruth Dailey
Sally Eastman
Sarah Orre*
Susan Gliner*
Teresa Beyer*
Terri Basile*
Tina Masciocchi*
Wendy Laird
Wendy Maness*

*Artist’s work exhibited in the gallery only

Click on the first image to take a virtual tour through the exhibit. By clicking on an image, you will find its title and price listed below the image.