SPOKEN/UNSPOKEN: Visual Stories of Migration

April 18 – June 16, 2018

Since ancient times, people, animals, ideas, customs, and cultures have moved across our planet. Slowly or quickly. Seasonally and constantly. This endless mixing enriches our world in a multitude of ways. Our exhibit will explore the impact of migration through the unspoken medium of art and the “spoken” medium of the written word.

Spoken/Unspoken is a county-wide collaboration that brings together eleven art venues across Santa Cruz County under a unifying theme.

Each exhibition space presents its own interpretation of the project, giving our local cultural institutions a chance to speak
in ways that are important to them and the communities they serve.

Participating Artists:

Karen Asherah
Jody Bare
Terri Basile
Bluzar Blue
Jennifer Fox
Dan Hennig
Laurie Hennig
Judy Hobor
Linda Levy
Noelle Lightbourne
Tina Masciocchi
Janice Matthews
Margaret Morrison
Eileen Murray
Dyann Paynovich
Paula Prekowitz
Carol Riddle
Yvonne Rowe
Erin Wells
Rachel Wooster