A brand-new kiln is on its way!

Most of the equipment in our ceramics studio was either donated or purchased used. We’ve managed to keep it all running thanks to the hard work of volunteers like David Kurtz. But, with all the new teachers and classes we’re offering now, even new parts and David’s constant attention just aren’t enough to keep our big electric kiln and studio workhorse running reliably.

So the Board authorized the purchase of a brand-new kiln! After lots of shopping and price comparing, we managed to find a great deal on a kiln we think will serve our needs for years to come. But the more than $4,000.00 we spent wasn’t in this year’s budget.

Help us pay for it

We’re asking you to chip in to help cover the cost of this new beauty. If we can get 200 donations of just $20, we’ll be able to pay for everything but the shipping. If you work for a company that does matching donations, your contribution could go even further.

Fundraiser for the Art Center’s New Electric Kiln