EXHIBIT DATES: October 1 – 23, 2021

OPENING RECEPTION: First Friday, October 1, 4 – 8 pm

ARTIST STATEMENT – by William Bryant




  1. an isolation hospital for people with infectious diseases…

Hundreds of years ago, merchant sailors infected with various diseases were sent to an isolation structure or building. Under quarantine. There wasn’t much medical attention due to the fear of contamination and subsequently, most of them died.

I titled my art show “From A Lazaretto” for obvious reasons with the times we live in but not entirely. I wanted to also convey with the title that from this isolation, creativity can endure and even thrive.

I paint because I must. I paint with oils because it’s extremely difficult and all the energies behind them are exposed. The paintings manifest from marrying the matter and anti-matter worlds. It’s the result of the walls or borders of the physical world and spiritual world dissolving. Time ceases to exist when I paint. And if it does exist, it slows down immensely. There is not much thought but some. It is only pure emotion and freedom. Nothing is planned ahead of time and I am only partially in control. If I do in anyway attempt to control this bridge and try some foolish trickery, the results are of immediate failure.

My art show is a collection of work that is all oil on canvas stretched or un-stretched. I prefer un-stretched because I don’t have to stop at the edge of 24 inch side for example. All of the pieces are me giving back to the universe and saying thank you. They are a reflection of my relationship to God. God is Love and I feel like I must return, hopefully, some beauty that was given to me.

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