Flora & Fauna Members Only Exhibit


EXHIBIT DATES: May 11 – July 1, 2023
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, May 12 I 5 – 7 pm

Beautiful blooms, verdant trees, creepy crawlers or lovable pets – plants and animals have always been a wonderful source of joy and inspiration for many artists. When we take the time to trace the intricate details of a leaf or try to capture the expression in an animal’s eye, we are drawn into nature’s mysteries and its infinite beauty. Flora & Fauna celebrates our connections with the plant and animal kingdoms through art. Show us how you connect with the creatures and vegetation around you!


Alisan Andrews
Ann Scobie
Barbara Chambers
Barbara Thomas
Bari Lee*
Bela Ravikumar
Carole Reid*
Dyann Paynovich*
Jeannine Calcagno*
Johanna McCormick
Judy Nightingale Person*
Julia Huff
Karen Asherah
Katherine Molina
Kathryn McCullough
Kathryn Pierno*
Laurie Hennig*
Laurie Felder*
Lee Dean*
Linda Levy

Lindsay Speth
Lyndsey Alameda
Margaret Morrison*
Marianne Wyllie
Michael Singer
Nancy Dingman*
Noelle Lightbourne*
Robin Lysne
Ruth Dailey
S. Fuess
Sunny Johansson*
Susan Gliner
Susan Whalen*
Svargo Schuller*
Teresa Beyer*
Terri Basile*
Tiina Seppalainen
Wendy Maness*
Will Bluhm

*Artist’s work exhibited in the gallery only

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