Join us this First Friday, August 4, for a book signing and reading by author (and Art Center member), Kathleen Ball.

The reading will start at 6:00 pm.

New Book and Documentary Illuminate Uncharted Chapter of Knights Templar History, Challenging Traditional Narratives and Inspiring a New Wave of Historical Research

Templar Researcher and Ancient Site Explorer Dr. Kathleen Ball announces the launch of her revelatory book, “A Grail Quest: Discovery of a Mysterious Knight’s Templar Cave in Brazil” and her documentary film, “The Brazilian Templars Mystery.” Unveiling a tale of divine synchronicity and adventurous exploration, Dr. Ball’s work pioneers new perspectives on the history of the enigmatic Knights Templar.

In her intriguing quest, Dr. Ball discovered a 700-year-old hand-carved cave tucked away on the outskirts of Alto Paraiso, a remote Brazilian town. Historical evidence suggests that this cave was crafted by the Knights Templar, shedding new light on their previously unknown travels to South America, predating the era of Columbus. This groundbreaking discovery has sparked a surge of interest among the academic community and the general public, unlocking a new chapter in Templar research encompassing Brazil’s rich history.

“A Grail Quest” recounts the journey behind this discovery and delves into the significance of the Templars’ presence in Brazil. The book is teeming with innovative findings, contributing to our understanding of this mysterious order of knights. It is available on Amazon and invites readers worldwide to join the thrill of exploration and discovery.

Accompanying the book is “The Brazilian Templars Mystery,” a documentary film hosted on Gaia and Amazon Prime. The film is an engaging visual journey into the heart of Dr. Ball’s work and findings, providing viewers with a deeper understanding of the Templars’ agenda.

“With the discovery of the Templar cave in Brazil, we may be on the brink of a historical paradigm shift,” Dr. Ball asserts. Her work has already inspired a wave of scholars who have joined her research efforts, raising the question, “Has this discovery provided evidence that will rewrite our history?” 

Dr. Ball’s unique background as a Templar researcher, educator, artist, and explorer offers her an unmatched lens into the world of the Knights Templar. Her multi-faceted career spans four decades, dedicated to exploring ancient sites, indigenous art, temples, and ancient civilizations. 

For those who want to delve deeper into the Templar mystery, Dr. Ball extends an open invitation to join her community, “The Templars In Brazil,” on Facebook and Instagram. Private screenings of her film and trailers for upcoming episodes can also be accessed through her website,

Dr. Kathleen Ball, Ph.D., holds degrees in Fine Art, Metaphysical Science, and Religious Studies. She is also a noted figurative sculptor, with 14 pieces currently on display in the “Re-Create” show at the Thomas Gallery of the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center. And, a her portrait of Leonardo da Vinci is in the permanent collection of the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Vinci, Italy. 

For more information about Dr. Kathleen Ball’s work or to book her for a public speaking engagement, please contact the Ancient Sites Research Foundation.