Bluzar Blue In Black and White and in Color


EXHIBIT DATES: Sept 23 – October 22, 2022

Microsoft Word – F_BLUZAR BLUE Bio.docx

Life for Bluzar Blue has been nothing less than interesting and exciting. His chosen name came together over time. In 1969 Chief Lopez of the Yurok tribe blessed Gregory Segesman—his given name—with the name Blue. Later on, Mark-zar, a guitar player in his band, would put “zar” at the end of everyone’s name—creating Bluzar Blue. Since then, he’s lived up to this unique name.

Papa bought Blue a guitar when he was 11 years old and he started playing in bands at age 12. By now, he’s been in about 25 or so bands—ranging from rock, Christian rock, bluegrass, rhythm and blues, and soul to Top 40 in the 80s. He continues to play from time to time in local bands.

In addition to music, Blue’s medium of choice was photography. In 1972 he started manipulating slides. He scratches the emulsion side, colors the backside, and heats them to create layers of texture. Then blows them up to make prints. His chosen printing method is giclee and he works with local businesses, Business with Pleasure in Scotts Valley and framing at Art Services in Felton. He’s created a 126-page book titled In Black and White and In Color that features 75 art pieces created; plus some of his songwriting, poetry, thoughts, and more.

Blue says he sees things differently than most people. Living with curiosity is his biggest inspiration. And every day, he asks, “Why is that? Why is that like that?” He says, “I’m inspired by life, just what I see. I want to share stuff. For me, all my art is about looking at it and I know that my artwork belongs somewhere.”

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