The Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center continues to provide many opportunities to enjoy art through exhibits, education, workshops, events, and classes.   

The leadership and management of the Art Center is done through the Board of Directors. Currently the Board of Directors has nine members.  Johanna McCormick does the graphics and marketing. Karen Asherah is with Curatorial, social media and marketing. Frank Bauerle, is our Treasurer. Chris Finnie is our Secretary. Evelyn Liesching is coordinator for the Arts N.O.W. grant. Noelle Lightbourne and David Kurtz co-chair the Ceramics Program. Tina Masciocchihi is Curatorial Chair. Several Board Members help with our website and social media presence, and all Board Members help with facilities. The Board of Directors depend on the skills of our Office Manager, Gretchen McPherson. 

Currently, two Board of Directors positions are vacant. Members interested in joining the Board may come to one of our meetings on the second Monday of each month, or talk to one of the past or present Directors.

The Growth of our Ceramics Program, under the leadership of Noelle Lightbourne and David Kurtz, has been truly outstanding. Their ability to recruit teachers and volunteers, and program fun classes, workshops, and events has attracted many new people to the Art Center.   

A group of great volunteers took the initiative to refurbish the Soda Kiln. I want to publicly thank Kevin Wahl for starting the ball rolling with his generous donation of the special bricks that were need.

Our budget continues to be stable at around $100,000 a year. We continue to receive grant support from the Arts Council and the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County. Last year our Holiday gallery sales increased due to Tina Masciocchi’s suggestion to price items under $200 and limit wall work to 12” x 12”.   

Improvements to the building continue. The Board has set aside money to repaint the building and make changes to the facade. We have contracted with a painter and work will start in August. The Board has also identified issues with water drainage are and is looking to replace concrete in front of the building. 

Ted Berg, teaching Robotics

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the passing of two of our members: Bruce Bangert, ceramist and long-time member, who made many generous donations to our Ceramics Program, and Ted Berg, teacher of robotics for the Youth program and our Art Center “key man”.

The Board of Directors extends a grateful thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers, teachers, donors and all the people who have participated in our programs in Making Art a Part of Our Lives. We look forward to another exciting year at the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center.

Susan Archibald
Board Chair