Pose: Aspects of the Human Figure banner image  with artwork by Dana Weigand


EXHIBIT DATES: July 15 – September 17, 2022

The human body has been a source of enduring fascination to artists across time, geography and cultures. From ancient cave paintings, the classical Greek’s perfectly-proportioned bodies, Asian art where humans blend with the landscape, to the realism of the Renaissance, artists have continued to grapple with this subject through postmodernism and beyond. In paintings, photography, sculpture, sketches or tapestry, artists have used any, and all, mediums to depict the human form, be it a posed portrait, life study, candid glimpse or action capture – realistic or abstract.


Alisan Andrews
Kathleen Ball
Teresa Beyer
Julianne Bonnet
Hayley Brentmar
Bonni Bullock*
Petrina Burkard
Cheryl Costella*
Lee Dean*
Chris Finnie*
Sally Eastman
Julie Erreca*
S. Fuess
Susan Gliner
Dan Hennig*

Laurie Hennig*
Linda A. Levy
Johanna McCormick
Karl Micotti*
Sarah Nielsen*
Karen Oeh
Sarah Orre
Dyann Paynovich*
Judy Nightingale Person
Kathryn Pierno*
Carole Reid*
Sanda Spiegel
Jeff Stobbe
Karen Warren*
Deborah Wittich

*Artist’s work exhibited in the gallery only

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