Earth, Water, Air & Fire: Work Influenced by the Four Elements

May 22 – July 13, 2019

Western astrology believed the universe was formed by four elements. Each element contains its own unique properties: Earth is stable and reliable. Water is constantly flowing. Air is always in motion. Fire provides heat and light. For this show, we call on artists to portray these elements, or submit artworks made of them.

Beyond the Sky by Pamela Peterson

Participating Artists:

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Alisan Andrews
Karen Asherah
Terri Basile
Bluzar Blue
Petrina Burkard
Mary Comfort
Linda Curtis
Fillmore Denton
Sally Eastman
Nancie Fimbel
Rhea Giroux
Dan Hennig
Laurie Hennig
Zach Kanter
Natalie Leonard
Linda Levy
Noelle Lightbourne
Robin Lysne
Tina Masciocchi

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Beth Mastrude
Janice Matthews
Johanna McCormick
Forrest Meader
Margaret Morrison
Eileen Murray
Kaelin O’Hare
Susan Paull
Dyann Paynovich
Brian D.N. Person
Pamela Peterson
Carol Riddle
Kathryn Rider
Sarah Shaver
Michael Singer
Sanda Spiegel
Jeff Stobbe
Erin Wells
April Zilber
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