Earth & Fire Exhbit


EXHIBIT DATES: June 16 – August 14, 2021

Ceramics and glass work have at least two important things in common. They both start with elements of the earth and are changed by fire. Our first in-gallery exhibit of 2021 features both ceramic and glass. Sculptural, functional, wall hangings, jewelry, mosaics or a mixture of both mediums. See what we do with earth and fire!


Lori Wilson*
Margaret Morrison*
Martine Mahoudeau
Matthew Stout
monica waldman
Noëlle Lightbourne
Rain Greenslate
Richard Thorpe*
Sean Free Alcala
Stephanie Triolo*
Stephen King*
Valri Castleman

*Artist’s work exhibited in the gallery only

Click on the first image to take a virtual tour through the exhibit. By clicking on an image, you will find its title and price listed below the image. Purchase artwork from this exhibit in our online shop .