Hindsight is 2020

Study for Isolation – Linda Levy

Ceramic sculpture | 8 x 8 x 8" | $80Contact Artist to Purchase © 2019 Linda Levy Study/macaque for larger Isolation sculpture

Study for Isolation – Linda Levy2021-03-16T15:02:30-07:00

Staying Afloat – Aliza Heckert

Oil on paper | 14 x 11" | $600 for the original, giclee print available Contact Artist to Purchase © 2020 Aliza Heckert I heard the saying "surviving is the new thriving." This painting is about being immersed in movement and change, sometimes uncomfortable and vulnerable but finding something solid to hold on to in [...]

Staying Afloat – Aliza Heckert2021-03-16T15:02:32-07:00

River Reflections – Karen Asherah

Photographic giclee on canvas | 20 x 20 x 1.5" | $375 Contact Artist to Purchase © 2020 Karen Asherah I am Surviving Walking into wild places with masked friends Focusing on the light Passing under shadowy oaks at Elkhorn Slough Discovering new trails in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park Finding reflections of sky in [...]

River Reflections – Karen Asherah2021-03-16T15:02:38-07:00

BYE Mr. T#2 – Judy Nightingale Person

Mixed media | 14 x 12" | $75 Contact Artist to Purchase © 2020 Judy Nightingale Person Deep frustration,sadness and anger at mr. trump underlie this piece (one of 3); let's move on!

BYE Mr. T#2 – Judy Nightingale Person2021-03-16T15:03:04-07:00

Brown Eye Woman – Alberto Graziosi

Oil on canvas | 18 x 24" | (408) 355-3369 Call Artist to Purchase © 2020 Alberto Graziosi My brown eyed woman love of my life

Brown Eye Woman – Alberto Graziosi2021-03-16T15:03:00-07:00

2020c – Petrina Burkard

interior paint and primer | 20 x 20" | $300 Purchase Here © 2021 Petrina Burkard A part of a series depicting the wide range of chaos and nothingness the year was

2020c – Petrina Burkard2021-03-16T15:02:57-07:00

The Fire Went Out With The Tide – Tina Masciocchi

Mixed media | 20 x 20" | $275 Contact Artist to Purchase © 2021 Tina Masciocchi During the CZU fire last year, we walked the beach and noticed the elaborate ash patterns left on the sand.

The Fire Went Out With The Tide – Tina Masciocchi2021-03-16T15:02:53-07:00

Stuck in CovidTime – Judy Nightingale Person

Mixed media assemblage | 19 x 15 x 2" | NFS © 2020 Judy Nightingale Person My partner and I, stuck at home, 2 birds in a hummingbird nest... surrounded by barbed wire; time is all confused- we wear masks and hang on till...it all ends.

Stuck in CovidTime – Judy Nightingale Person2021-03-16T15:02:50-07:00
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