Small Artist at Large

Seeking to create art which transcends time and culture, I will my evolution from single-celled illustrator to proto-simian fine artist, leaving behind the comfort zone of my past art toward something more evocative and powerful; in essence, I drag my primal self from the viscous primordial goo of image and representation toward the light.

My simple constitution is empowered by the light, color and energy which infuse the atmosphere. I am free to evoke visceral emotional response using only color and gesture, as I am no longer bound to the traps and pitfalls inherent in attempting to communicate using the words and icons of an assumed vocabulary of shared experience.

The structure of my paintings are synonymous with the choreography of a dance. The colors leap across the canvas, twisting and colliding, playing tag and running amok. I forsake a central focal point in order to draw the viewer’s eye over the entire surface as if tracking the flight of a butterfly. leaving out images laden with cultural meaning, my paintings strive to access a more reactive response which allows them to span cultures and generations, making them accessible to a larger audience.

As an artist I have found that I can initiate emotional response but not control it. By attempting to communicate the excitement of creation without resorting to representation and story telling, each viewer is afforded a window into their own memories and personal mythology. My paintings are a gift certificate for your spirit, once given it can be redeemed for any emotion of your choosing.
Sometimes I like to paint monkeys.

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