EXHIBIT DATES: April 21 – June 12, 2021
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 12 PM Sunday, April 18 (artwork may be submitted anytime before this date)

The history of creativity is a continuum upon which we as artists ride. Looking back we appreciate, learn from, and are influenced by those who came before us. Which artists of the past have had some effect on your own creativity? Whose work do you admire and/or draw inspiration from?

For this exhibit we are asking for work that answers these questions.

The title of the piece may contain your inspiration’s name (such as “Dreaming of Degas”) or you may include it along with your own (like Jane Doe/ Edgar Degas).

ENTRY FEE: Members = $20, Non-members = $30

Entry to the online exhibit requires a 2-step process:


• Open to artists 18 years and older.
• Limited to the first 30 entries received.
• Acceptance of work is at curators’ discretion.
• Up to 3 pieces may be submitted per entry.
• For jewelry, cards and other small artwork, you may submit one image with multiple pieces represented.
• Acceptable upload-ready file formats:
File Type: JPG only.
File Dimensions: 1,200 pixels or greater on the longest side.
File Size: No larger than 5 MB. (The closer you get to a 5 MB file, the better your work will look.)
Color Profile: RGB
Image files must be of high quality, in sharp focus and a true representation of the original art. Image of 2D art should include only the artwork, no frame. If your image file does not meet this criteria, you may be asked to remake the file. There are many online resources to help you take a high quality photograph of your artwork. HINT: Remove artwork from under any reflective surface (like glass) before photographing it.


• While the Art Center remains closed to the public, we will feature artwork from the online exhibit in the windows to promote the artists, the exhibit, and maintain a public presence on site.
• Of your 3 digital entries, choose one piece to submit for the window display at SCMAC.
• Small items such as jewelry and functional ceramics may submit one suite of pieces.
• Drop-off for window display pieces will be on Sunday, April 18, and drop-off times will be scheduled and staggered to limit contact.
• Contact Susan Archibald to arrange your drop-off time slot: 831-336-2078 or
• Attach a sticky note or piece of paper to this artwork with your name so that we can match your artwork with the information you provide here about the piece. Your name and contact information will be displayed with your artwork in the window.
• Window displays will be rotated periodically throughout the exhibit dates.
• Participation in window display is not required to enter the online exhibit.



NEW! SCMAC now is able to process online sales of exhibit artwork! Commission retention is 25% for members and 40% for non-members. Sales from SCMAC’s online store will be fulfilled by LOCAL PICKUP only. When a piece sells, SCMAC will contact the artist to arrange for the work to be dropped off at the Art Center for pickup by the buyer.

• If the artist has their work available for sale on a personal website or elsewhere online, we can still include that URL link in the exhibit space, instead of listing the work for sale in SCMAC’s online shop. In this case, no commission will be taken, and fulfillment will be the responsibility of the artist.
• Submission of your entry grants Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center permission to use your artwork or a reproduction of its likeness in promotional materials for this exhibition and future SCMAC promotions.
• The artist shall retain all copyrights of any image submitted to the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center. All images on the site may not be reproduced or used in any manner without the permission of the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center and the relevant artist.


Submission of your entry and signature grants Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center permission to use your artwork or a reproduction of its likeness in promotional materials for this exhibition and future SCMAC promotions.

The undersigned artist is a contributor to this exhibit at the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center, 9341 Mill St., Ben Lomond, California 95005, and all work submitted is hand crafted by the artist. Although care will be taken to protect the art during installation and display, artist hereby acknowledges that artist shall assume all risk for loss or damage to any works of art submitted for said event. It is further acknowledged that the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center, their officers, members, employees and agents accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any loss or damage to artist’s work/s of art or digital facsimile thereof. Artist will indemnify, hold harmless, and defend from all liability from loss, damage, or injury to persons or property in any manner arising out of or incident to the submission of any works of art for this event, including, without limitation all consequential damages, whether or not resulting from the negligence of the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center, their officers, members, employees, or agents, of said organization and/or entities.

In addition, the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center will use reasonable efforts to control the security of our web site, but does not warrant that our web site will be able to protect artwork and images from infringement or piracy. Artist acknowledges that technological advances of those trying to break codes and encryption devices may outpace the technology of encryption and security and that there is no such thing as an absolutely secure Web site. The artist further acknowledges that the publication of digitized data on the Internet necessarily makes it possible for artwork and images to be copied in some form and for dishonest people to attempt to profit from that copying. Artist agrees that the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center shall have no liability for any negligence or lack of due care in failing to protect the security of our web site.

Direct questions to Susan Archibald, 831-336-2078 or

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