There are no metal working classes at the moment, but take a look at classes that have been offered in the past.


MANIPULATING METAL with Diedra Kmetovic

Learn to make metal do what you just like they did in ancient Egypt, Rome, and Medieval Europe. We will bend, coil, cut, and dent both sheet metal and wire to produce wearable samples of links, chain mail, and forged work.

This class is for students who want to experience what it takes to move metal around and make it do what you want. Students will be introduced to the tools of the jeweler’s and armorer’s trades. First we will be introduced to jeweler’s pliers and using copper wire, forming copper wire into flat coil links to fashion links first used in ancient Egypt. Next we will learn about hammers and metal stamping tools to make decorative dents in copper sheet metal and form a Roman style wrist cuff. Then for the most modern technique we will learn how to make rings of copper wire and how to link them together to make a sample of chain mail to get an understanding of how the knights of the Middle Ages got those suits of life saving chain mail.