Object of My Desire: Spring Exhibit

April 3 – May 18, 2019

Whether it’s a person, place, or thing—we all have something that stirs our passion, lights our fire, or can fill our world with joy. Participating artists share what they love, in the way they love to portray it.
What is your Object of Desire?

Detail from Vermillian by Micha Kauert

Participating Artists:

Alisan Andrews
Karen Asherah
Jody Bare
Julie Baron
Peter Boscacci
Petrina Burkard
Linda Curtis
Fillmore E. Denton
M.C. Dwyer
Sunny Johannson
Misha Kauert
Linda Levy
Noelle Lightbourne
Janice Mathews
Forrest Meader
Margaret Morrison
Eileen Murray
Dyann Paynovich
Bela Ravikumar
Carol Riddle
Theresa Ronald
Melinda Rugani
Svargo Schuller
Sarah Saver
Sanda Spiegle
Stephanie Triolo
Erin Wells











Future 2019 Exhibits

For those of you who like to plan ahead, here are our gallery shows
for 2019. Prospectus and entry forms are below. More information will be available one month prior to each show.

Earth, Water, Air & Fire: Themed Exhibit, May 22 – July 13   Take in: May 19
Prospectus    Entry Form

Flower Power!: Members-only Exhibit, July 17 – September 7   Take in: July 14
Prospectus    Entry Form

All Fired Up: Ceramics Exhibit, September 11 – 28   Take in: September 8
Prospectus    Entry Form

Featured Artist/s: October 2 – 26   Take in: September 29
Application  Deadline to apply: May 30, 2019

Home Is Where the Art Is: Holiday Gift Exhibit, October 30 – December 22   Take in: October 27















Exhibitor Resources

Additional Inventory Sheets:     PDF version     WORD version

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