Spring Into Art: 22nd Youth Art Exhibit

March 13 – March 30, 2019

Our fabulous young artists have created a brilliant and exciting show this year!

Cuties by Mikie Hutin, age 9

Participating Artists:

Ryen Allen
Amelia Amendolagine
Benjamin Amendolagine
Martin Amendolagine
Ramona Athens
Brayden Baric
Kingston Beal
Serena Beal
Skylar Berggren
Noel Bresson
Owen Brewer
Sadie Brewer
Tanner Brewer
Liliana Brodsky
Emma Brown
Beatrice DeGreen
Winnie Mae DeGreen
Lily Diego
Lauren Doyle
Helen Elmer
Allison Fauss
Emily Fauss
Keira Fauss
Kief Fisher Laughron
Kiya Fisher Laughron
Wilhelmina Gehiere
Julianne Glahn
Kylah Grimes
Micah Hamilton
Daisy Harlan
Sage Harlan
Peter Heery
Carly Hermanson
Dylan Hermanson
Fredric Howe
Gloria Howe
Ruby Howe
Brigid Hultin
Elizabeth Hultin

Michael Hultin
Erin Johnson
Agnes Kundrotas
Justice Landes
Mesa Landi
Elwood Laughron
Avery Machnee
Tegan Machnee
Caleb Steven Mackessy
Leland Mackessy
Dylan Maro
Maya McCabe
Emily McFarland
Veronica McHargue
Gabe Mitchell
Natalie Murray-Skalland
Dalia Nichols
Skye Pell
Ayla Penny
Joseph Penny
Jude Penny
Moya Penny
Abena Reisewitz-Oteng
Akuia Reisewitz-Oteng
Ruby Sartaw-Miller
Gregory Souza
Couper Tardel
Kaiya Wenn




Future 2019 Exhibits

For those of you who like to plan ahead, here are our gallery shows
for 2019. Prospectus and entry forms are below. More information will be available one month prior to each show.

Spring Into Art: 22nd Annual Youth Art Exhibit, March 13 – 30   Take in: March 10
Prospectus    Entry Form

Object of My Design: Themed Exhibit, April 3 – May 18   Take in: April 5
Prospectus    Entry Form

Earth, Water, Air & Fire: Themed Exhibit, May 22 – July 13   Take in: May 19
Prospectus    Entry Form

Flower Power!: Members-only Exhibit, July 17 – September 7   Take in: July 14
Prospectus    Entry Form

All Fired Up: Ceramics Exhibit, September 11 – 28   Take in: September 8
Prospectus    Entry Form

Featured Artist/s: October 2 – 26   Take in: September 29
Applications will be accepted starting in May 2019.

Home Is Where the Art Is: Holiday Gift Exhibit, October 30 – December 22   Take in: October 27




Exhibitor Resources

Additional Inventory Sheets:     PDF version     WORD version

Docent Calendar