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Welcome to our Ceramics Facility!


During the past 2 years, in an effort to save on energy & emissions, we have converted our Cone 10 clay bodies & glazes to Cone 6, and have been working to build a stable of Cone 6 glazes for both oxidation and reduction atmospheric firings.  Soda firings are still conducted to Cone 10, and we fire this Soda kiln 3 - 4 times/year.




wheel throwing  


hand building 


Makin' It Tall!


Totems/Stacked Sculpture


Studio Time






Facility Brochure




Ceram-A-Rama 2013

September 7, & 15th


Ceram-A-Rama 2012

 September 14, 15, 16


Ceram-A-Rama  2011


Ceram-A-Rama 2010



Soda Kiln

(Cone 10)


Soda Fire


Resource Materials


Ceramics Resources


Gas Kiln

(Cone 6 Reduction)


Electric Kiln

(Cone 6 Oxidation)


Cone 6 Resource Mtls


Raku  Kiln

(Cone 05 Reduction)


Raku Fridays



Websites & Blogs

of Local Ceramicists


Frank Borovich Video

Pulling a handle on a large pitcher

Please click on the thumbnails above to view larger images.








  Resource Materials (PDFs)


Basic Glaze Formulation Info

Fluxes/Stabilizers/Glass Formers; Wgt % VS Seger Unity; weighing & mixing; testing glazes; general resources links

Colorants and Opacifiers PDF

Listings of Colorants & Opacifiers in Glazes


Cone 6 Glaze Recipes


Latest Test Glaze Results (3-2011) recipes / photos / notes

Example of bowls glazed in oxidation & reduction

Cone 6 Glaze Log Sheets

Log sheets for mixing Glazes (5-2012)

Cone 6 Shino

Latest test Glaze Results (6-2011) shino recipes/photos/notes

Feldspar Info

Everything you ever wanted to know about Feldspar - collected from various sources

Fluxes PDF

Listing of fluxes

Function of Common Glaze Materials

Listing of the primary function of ceramic materials in claybodies & glazes

Glaze Materials Basic Info

Names, Chemical Formulae, basic info, hazards

Line Blend Tests  1-2012

 Photos/descriptions of line blend Test Tiles

Majolica and Lowfire PDF

Majolica color & other lowfire glazes

Over Lap tests 1-2012

Incorporating new glazes from last year into glaze matrix

Raku Glaze Recipes

10 raku glaze recipes


A growing list of material substitutions.

Triaxial Blend Tests  1-2012

Photos of Triaxial blend tests.

Underglazes and Glazes

A Mayco document with a lot of info on underglazes & glazing - for color.


Basic Tools for handbuilding


A nice list of handy tools for handbuilding

Clay Extruder Use

Tips & tricks and projects using the clay extruder

Clay Projects - Workbook

A great collection of techniques/projects: copper reds, textured surfaces, making smooth blends with colored clays and more!

Contemporary Clay Sculpture

Exploration of 4 different approaches to clay sculpture.

Screen Printing on Clay

Step by step instructions for printing on clay

Throwing Tools

A guide for making your own throwing tools for the wheel

5 Great Handbuilding Projects

Step by step new and different handbuilding projects

How to Make Pots

Instructional PDF - heaps of info




Electric Firing Kiln Techniques

Tips & Tricks & great info on firing electric kilns

Electric Kiln Firing Log Sheet

Log records sheets for firing electric kilns

Firing Temperatures - Cone Equiv

Firing Temperature chart with Cone Equivalents (PDF

Gas Kiln building & firing

Tips & Tricks construction & firing information

Gas Kiln Firing Log Sheet

Log records sheets for firing gas kilns

Repairing your electric kiln

Instructions for repairing an electric kiln

Soda Glaze Work Sheet

Catalog record of Soda Fired piece.


   Websites & Blogs of local Ceramicists


Travis John Adams Website

Susana Arias  Website Blog

Bruce Bangert      Website

Dale Bates       Webpage

Liz Crain        Blog

Carol Eddy      Website

Dan & Laurie Hennig     Website



Iver & Jennifer Hennig     Website

Linda Levy      Website

Rocky Lewycky   Website

Jenny Morton     Website

Geof Nicastro   Website

Stephanie Schriver      Website

Santa Cruz Pottery   Website

Clay Creations      Website



   Ceramics Resources


Ceramic Arts Daily


Ceramics Monthly

Potters' Council


Phoenix Ceramic Supplies  

Pottery Build by Hand Website

Plaster handout PDF


Linda Arbuckle's Handouts & Resources



AMACO Velvets for majolica use PDF


Photographing work
















 Arts Council Santa Cruz County   Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County

         California Arts Council   Bruce Bangert   North Glass   Phoenix Ceramics  

       Earth Matters Foundation    Valley Women's Club    New Leaf Market Felton


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