It’s a Wonderful Life

Fall Session III – Holiday Crafts

with Lori Wilson

4 Wednesdays, Nov. 13 – Dec 11. 2013

Make jewelry, trinkets & embellishments for gift giving.

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Fall Session III – Creative Clay

with Nora Sarkissian

4 Wednesdays, Nov. 13 – Dec. 3, 2013

Through clay techniques & demonstrations we will then use our imaginations to create our own unique clay projects. From animals to tea sets, masks & more. Projects will be glazed & or patinaed.

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Fall Session III – Outside the Lines

with Cynthia Armstrong

4 Tuesdays, Nov. 12 – Dec 3, 2013

Using oil pastels, watercolor, color pencil, paper craft, and other materials, we will be exploring the world of abstract art. Learning about the art of such masters as Kandinsky, Chihuly, Mondrian, Klee and others, students will discover color and design by creating their own modern […]

From the Marathon

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Kids Division

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The Desert Run

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