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Seasoned with Art

November 26 - December 24, 2003

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Our Annual Holiday 

Art & Gift Exhibition

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DalePlatter1.JPG (78017 bytes)

Raku Platter 

Dale Bates


Display1.JPG (106057 bytes)


Jewelry, Paintings, Ceramics


AnnCavanaugh1.jpg (11186 bytes)


Ann Cavanaugh



HennigSet1.JPG (87861 bytes)

Pitcher Set 

Dan Hennig


Annette1.JPG (58499 bytes)

Back Wall Display 


BackWall1.JPG (124052 bytes)

Back Wall Display

Potholders, Ceramics


CardWall.JPG (110627 bytes)

Side Wall 

Cards, Altars


DanPitcher2.JPG (72974 bytes)

Pitcher Set 

Dan Hennig

Doris1.JPG (123689 bytes)


Doris Sherwyn


GlassCab1.JPG (113890 bytes)


Jewelry, Herbal Bath Salts



ItalyScenes.JPG (132863 bytes)

Italian Scenes, Paintings 

Linda Levy


Iver.jpg (11504 bytes)

Banjo Ham 

Ceramics Sculpture

 Iver Hennig



Kimonos.jpg (130834 bytes)

Back Wall Display 

Paintings, Kimonos


LaurieIguana.JPG (95377 bytes)


Ceramics Sculpture

Laurie Hennig


LorriScott.jpg (81525 bytes)

Velvet Wrap - Lorri Scott 

Mohair Cap  - Anne Turner

Necklace - Melissa Moe


NecklaceTree.JPG (100148 bytes)

Wall Display  

Jewelry, Ornaments



OldSoul.JPG (136233 bytes)

Old Soul  

Shellie Lee


Scarves.JPG (128858 bytes)

Back Wall Display 




RetabloWall.JPG (59418 bytes)

Display  Wall


Judy Dyjstra-Brown



Retablo1.jpg (80814 bytes)


Judy Dyjstra-Brown


Table.JPG (126201 bytes)

Table Display

Ceramics - Albert Moe

Chocolates - Carla Brennan

Candles - Jeri Monroe



Participating Artists

Dale Bates

Carla Brennan

Joyce Chadderdon

Wendy Davis

Lee Dean

Judy Dykstra-Brown

Patricia Florez

Sandra Lee Garland

Heather Gordon

Laurel Grace

Laurie Hennig

Dan Hennig

Anouk Johanna

Shellie Lee

Linda Levy



Merikay Mackenna

Gretchen McPherson

Albert Moe

Melissa Moe

Jeri Monroe

Kristen Sandel

Gloria Seneres

Lorri Scott

Dawn Marie Scheper

Sherry Sheffield

Doris Sherwyn

Kegan Smith

Sanda Jo Spiegel

Barbara Thomas

Pat Worley





 Arts Council of Santa Cruz County   Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County

         California Arts Council   Bruce Bangert   North Glass   Phoenix Ceramics  

       Earth Matters Foundation    Valley Women's Club    New Leaf Market Felton


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