Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center, Ben Lomond, California, non-profit Arts Organization

"The Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center supports and encourages the arts

through education, exhibition and cultural activities,

reflecting the unique and diverse environment of the mountain communities."



9341 Mill St.      Ben Lomond, CA      (831) 336-3513



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List of Participants

Travis John Adams

Karen Asherah

Valerie Baldwin

Jody Bare

Terri Basile

Dale Bates

Mary Comfort

Cheryl  Costella

Linda Curtis

Roberta Friedman

Bill Hackett

Jean Hackett

Hanna Hammerli

Dan Hennig

Iver Hennig

Jennifer Hennig

Laurie Hennig

Richard Horton

Sunny Johansson

Stephen King

Wendy Laird

Andrée LeBourveau


Linda A. Levy

Debbie Manning

Tina Masciocchi

Johanna McCormick

Jeannine Niehaus

Dyann Paynovich

Paula Prekowitz

Anil Prajapati

Bela Ravikumar

Heather Richman

Carol Riddle

Jane Schupay

Joel Spray

Laurie Spray

Maxine Stahl

Stephanie Triolo

Dana Weigand

Liz Whitaker

Juliette Williams

Larry Worley

Pat Worley

April Zilber





 Arts Council of Santa Cruz County   Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County

         California Arts Council   Bruce Bangert   North Glass   Phoenix Ceramics  

       Earth Matters Foundation    Valley Women's Club    New Leaf Market Felton


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